Jiva Dawn Signature Massage Treatments are tailored to your unique requirements and personal needs.  The therapeutic action of kneading, stroking and compression movements relieves stress, tension, fatigue, headaches, joint stiffness and aching muscles.  By improving blood and lymphatic flow, eliminating toxins and freeing knots of muscular tension, clients feel relaxed, energised and revitalised. 


Full Body Swedish Massage                                     60 mins        £32

A complete body massage using gliding strokes, kneading, friction, stretching and tapping to relieve anxiety, tension and knotting.  A choice of massage oils are available to leave your skin feeling smooth and your mind relaxed.


Deep Tissue Full Body  Massage                                60 mins        £35

Full body deep tissue massage designed to relieve pain and muscle tension, reaching the lower layers of the muscle and especially helpful for chronic aches and pains.


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage                             30 mins        £20

Using Swedish massage techniques, this massage is designed to focus on areas of tension around the back, neck and shoulders often caused by bad posture, stress and sitting for long periods.


Deep Tissue Back Massage                                       30 mins        £22

Concentrated back massage designed to relieve uppper and lower back pain and muscle tension, reaching the lower layers of the muscle.


Head-Held-High                                                           30 mins       £20

A blissful scalp, neck and shoulder massage complemented by a calming facial pressure massage to release tension and stress.  Transport yourself to a calmer place by restoring balance and bringing harmony to your mind.  Delivering a true sense of wellbeing through the use of traditional massage techniques and aromatherapy oils.   



A deeply therapeutic  and seamless massage technique using a natural  biodegradable heat technology via smooth lava shells to relieve tension, stress and promote general well-being.  Choose from either a full body relaxation    massage or warming back massage to ease away tension, knots and stress.


Lava Shell Full Body Massage                                60 mins                  £36

An truly indulgent and intensely pampering full body therapeutic massage combining the warmth of the Lava Shells with deeply relaxing massage  techniques creating a sense of balance to the entire body and mind.  Lava Shells are worked in deep slow movements over palms, arms, feet and legs followed by a tranquil massage of back, neck and shoulders leaving your mind calm and your body  invigorated.


Lava Shell Back Massage                                        30 mins                  £22

A relaxing and pampering warm Lava Shell back massage perfect to relax muscles, release knots and soothe aches.



Jiva Dawn Signature Body Scrubs using Eve Taylor of London award winning body products.  Our body treatments include a combination of body brushing massage and exfoliation techniques which will remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, aid in detoxifying, firming and toning leaving your skin smooth, hydrated and  radiant.


Jiva Dawn Body Blitz                                                60 mins                  £36

Our Body Blitz Scrub is the ultimate treatment for smooth and revitalised skin.      Using a natural seasalt scrub which is massaged into the skin to smooth away dead skin cells, improve circulation and hydrate the skin. Once  showered off in our wet room, we use pre-selected Eve Taylor aromatic oils or lotions which are tranquilly massaged and absorbed into your skin nourishing and  smoothing the body whilst relaxing and easing the mind.


Jiva Dawn Body Glow                                                60 mins                £36

Our Body Glow treatment is a head to toe luxury body wrap. This treatment  includes an exfoliating body brush, the application of a creamy skin nourishing mask and then wrapped in a warm body cocoon.  This is then followed by either a relaxing scalp or foot massage leaving your body cleansed, smooth and  revitalised and your mind relaxed and calm.


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